Wednesday Jun 21, 2023

Don’t Spook Yourself Midnight Double Feature!

Ryan and Cap revisit our Halloween Specials and provide behind the scenes commentary on a pair of our favorite episodes! Relive Cap's first show appearance, and let us haunt you with all the facts. Faaaaacts.

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In this special Halloween episode, Matt and Ryan are joined by Cap from the podcast Shrimp and Crits. They take on a variety of terrifying topics, including ghosts, vampires, werewolves, zombies, pregnancy, and the end user license agreement for one of Amazon's software solutions. Are you terrified yet? While discussing whether there are ghost seamen in vampire balls, they hold flashlights under their faces to increase the spook factor. How about now?

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Happy Halloween! For the second annual Don't Spook Yourself Halloween spectacular, Ryan is joined by the incredibly spooky Catie Stroud and absolutely kooky Cap from Shrimp and Crits. They talk candy hotdogs memes, before knocking on a stranger's door to provide a smart answer to an r/nostupidquestions inquiry exploring the connection between Dracula and the classic Halloween banger Toccata and Fugue in D Minor by Johannes Sebastian Bach. Then they try to figure out whether a native American curse is murdering Floridians with cotton candy colored farts. Then they delve into the darkest innermost reaches of the human soul when they answer a cry for help on r/AmItheAsshole dealing with a radio famous monstrous goat sucker. Then they discuss some junior grade suckers being scammed by a post from r/UnethicalLifeProTips. Then they hop onto a vintage meme showcasing the fight against monstrously large grasshoppers in the American west. Finally, our trio of Halloween experts stir the cauldron by helping a user from r/NoStupidQuestion dress themself for the biggest spooky day of the year.

Also, we've hidden some weird treats throughout the episode.

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Much of today's episode was made possible, a phenomenal resource for audio producers on budget. Their audio is all user uploaded under a creative commons license. I encourage you to tap into that resource and maybe leave a donation to ensure that their free sound database will be there for future Don't Wreck Yourself Halloween episodes...

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